Full text: Sitzungsberichte der Philosophisch-Historischen Classe der Kaiserlichen Akademie der Wissenschaften, Wien, 24. Band, (Jahrgang 1857)

eingelangten Druckschriften. 407 
Mittheilungen aus Justus Perthe’s geographischer Anstalt. 1837. 
Heft 2 und 3. Gotha; 4°- 
Mo mm sen, Th., Die Rechtsfrage zwischen Cäsar und dem Senat. 
Breslau 1837; 4 0- (Aus den Abhandlungen der philos.-histor. 
Gesellschaft in Breslau.) 
Museum, Francisco-Carolinum für das Erzherzogthum Österreich 
ob d. E. und das Herzogthum Salzburg. XI. 16. Heft. Linz; 4 0- 
Orti Manara, Conte Giov. Girol. La penisola di Sermione illustrata. 
Verona 1836; 4 0- 
Palacky, Frantisek, Dejiny ceske. Dil IV. cästka 1. Praha; 8 0- 
Palacky, F., Geschichte von Böhmen. Bd. IV, Abtlil. 1. Prag 1837. 
Bangabe, A. R., antiquites helleniques. Athenes 1833; 4°- 
Report, tenth annuel, of the board of regents of the Smithsonian 
Institution, schowing the operations, expenditures, and condition 
of the institution, up to January 1, 1836. Washington 1856; 8°- 
Report of the secretary of the treasury, on the state of the finances 
for the year ending june 30, 1855. Washington 1856; 8 0- 
Report of the commissions of patents for the year 1854. Agricul- 
ture I. Arts and manufactures II. Washington 1855; 8 0- 
Report of the commissions of patents for the year 1855. Agricul- 
ture I. Arts and Manufactures II. Finances I. Washington 
1856; 8»- 
Report of expcriments with small anns for the military service. 
Puhlished hy authority of the secretary of war. Washington 
1856; 8®- 
Reslhuber, A., Bericht über die Kometen von den J. 975, 1264, 
1556. Linz 1857; 8°- 
Runkle, John, New tables for determining the valeurs of the coeffi- 
cients in the perturbative function of planetary motion, which 
depend upon the ratio of the mean distances. Washington 
1585; 4o- 
Sanford, H. S., The different. Systems of penal Codes in Europe 
also, a report on the administrative changes in France, since 
the revolution of 1848. Washington 1856; 8°- 
Sunto, delle observazioni meteorologiche fatte nell osservatorio della 
R. Marina. Napoli 1847—1856; 4®- 
Wol cott, Gibbs, and Frederick Genth, researches on the Ammonia- 
Cobalt bases. Washington 1856; 4°-

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